Every Zander customer agrees to comply with our all the terms and conditions listed on our terms and conditions page.
We take the enforcement of all terms and conditions seriously, and we aim to run a clean network which operates on fair principles. We also investigate all reports of abuse.
If you encounter something you think might constitute abuse (for example, spam or inappropriate content) which you believe has come from our network or systems, please read through the information on this page carefully. It explains how you can report it.
What is abuse?
This policy covers the following types of abuse on the internet:
Hacking attempts
IRC activity
Web space abuse
We work to minimise the amount of abuse that is generated on our servers. You can help us by reporting any abuse you spot which you believe has come from the Zander network.
Please report all abuse by emailing us at Please include as much information as you can about the type of abuse you've encountered. Please also provide log files (if applicable), URLs for site abuse and email headers for spamming.
Once we've received your email, we'll investigate the issue thoroughly, contact any relevant customers and work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
Please note: by signing up for our services you agree to be bound by all Zander terms and conditions.